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Leaked Post from Facebook Group

Suburban Kennel Where Fire Killed 30 Dogs Was Previously Investigated For Mistreatment Of Animals

“I even looked inside a dumpster fully expecting to find something deceased,” the officer wrote. The only source of light appeared to be a string of Christmas lights. You can watch the TV report and read the article here.

Video Inside D&D Kennel May 2018

Email and video from a May 2018 visit by Animal Control to D&D Kennel. Some dogs are unable to stand in crates. Note chain attached to a column. Crates stacked on top of each other. Original Facebook Link.

Prong Collar Cover Up

People are being careful not to post pictures of dogs with prong collars on Social Media because so many humane positive reinforcement trainers don’t believe in the use of prong collars. Fetching Tails Foundation.

Inspectors Seek Cause of Fire: Bully Life Animal Services

The cause of a suburban kennel fire that claimed 31 dogs Monday remains unclear, but officials said the facility passed recent fire safety and animal welfare inspections. Bully Life Animal Services, formerly known as D&D Kennels, passed its last fire inspection in […]

D&D Kennels January 14, 2019 Fire – Garret Mercado

After the fire these photos were taken. Kennels are dirty, a lot of junk was present on the premises.

Bully Life Animal Services Violation January 2018

Steve Dale Talks About The Upcoming Meeting on 2/6/18

Steve Dale wrote an article about the upcoming meeting  on February 6, 2018 where the public will be able to express their concerns about the welfare of the animals and staff at the Animal Welfare League Chicago Ridge. Photo courtesy […]

Cameo | Died From Substandard Veterinary Care

This cute little dog died from something very rare and uncommon in dogs – systemic herpes virus. If she were a human her family would have sued the doctors for gross negligence and malpractice. She did not die from canine […]

Petsmart and Petco Suspend Relationship with AWL

Petsmart Charities and Petco Foundation suspend their relationships with Animal Welfare League Chicago Ridge due to allegations of animal mistreatment. Photo Credit: Oak Lawn Patch   Oak Lawn Patch Article Dated February 3, 2018